My Story

As mom to three girls ages 9, 12 and 14, who grew up without a mom, I am humbled (daily) by the grace that has been given to me. How lucky can one person be to have the opportunity to walk hand-in-hand with my girls as they learn about life. I wanted to start writing about my observations about parenting in all it’s forms. I am a working mom from 8:30 to 3:00 and a stay-at-home mom the rest of the time, which has allowed the time and space to not only raise my three girls but to also circle back to my own spirit and make sense of areas that might need a little mending.

In addition to being a mom, I am a life-long learner, a seeker. I LOVE to read nonfiction books about life, psychology, sociology, brain development and health. I also enjoy memoirs, biographies and fiction that imparts how the character thinks, feels and connects to others. By training I am a business person, but by passion, I am an entrepreneur, a marketer, photographer, health counselor,and an advocate/student of how to help children thrive. I have a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington, an MBA from Seton Hall University and have facilitated my own education in photography, health, psychology and child development by reading hundreds of books and textbooks, training with health experts such as Dr. William Sears and living life with courage to open those overstuffed closet doors that were never opened to me as a child. The idea that we are responsible for our own life and brain, that we can choose how we think, feel and love others is thrilling to me. I believe that my brain has dramatically changed over the past ten years mostly by becoming a mom, but also from changing my health and boldly accepting my strengths and weaknesses through understanding of all areas of my life current and past.

Thank you for reading my blog.

8 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Hi Janna, thank you for visiting my DiploTwins blog. I think your 30 days of appreciation is a great way to start a blog. Certainly it is something we all should do 365 days of the year! Good luck and enjoy your blog journey.

  2. I love your tag — raising my girls, raising myself. I’m amazed and grateful for how much we can grow up when we become the parents we didn’t have. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog. I, too, am amazed (and grateful) at how much I have grown up with my kids. Don’t tell them tough. Life has been crazy but I hope to get another blog in soon.

  3. I am glad to connect with you—thanks for your follow. Love what I see here and look forward to following along with you 🙂

  4. First of all, I love the title of your blog…it holds great truth. Your story is an enjoyable look at what appears a very busy life and a happy one. Thanks for stopping by my blog and choosing to follow along. I’ll be doing the same as this visit just didn’t feed me enough!

  5. Love IS all you need! Nice blog, I’m glad it showed up in my feed.

    I arrived at the truth after a pretty wild ride over the past 10 years or so. Perhaps we all do, or don’t, via many different routes. Whether or not it always requires a significant personal emergency or sustained crisis, to put us on that transcendent path, I’m just grateful to be alive and on the journey.

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